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The thermalling course is an introduction to thermal flying with the objective of improving the pilot’s knowledge and skills needed to make the most of the lift on any given day.

Circling thermals to the core, breaking the roof will soon not have any secret for you ! From one day to several, you may fly from different spots depending on the opportunities and weather conditions.

A fundamental skill in learning to fly a Paraglide is ground handling or 'kiting' the glider. You'll learn all of the basics while remaining on the ground. Lots of practice responding to the glider and wind conditions will help build confidence and your instructor will help you progress quickly. Once you have the control to keep the glider overhead you'll start short low-level airborne 'hops' with a tow or hill launch.

  • Theorical tuition
  • Ground handling practice
  • Tandem flights
  • Solo flights