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Our beginner courses offer a safe and professional path into the world of paragliding. Using only the best in equipment, and applying the highest of standards, our instructors will guide you through the course to give you the best foundations for a long and happy career in the sky. Our formula is simple - we don't cut corners.  And we always put your safely first.

The Beginner Course Includes:

  • Theorical tuition
  • Ground handling practice
  • Tandem flights
  • Solo flights


The instructor can adapt lessons to your level and private requests, he can share his information and make a case for you all the tricks you're greedy for.This course could be a mix of theroyl courses and
flights. Progression courses square measure five days long and you ought to fly
concerning ten solo flights.
Part of this course typically takes place within the lovely village of Bandipur.

Your progression course includes:

  •        Theoretical tuition
  •        Flights from… MORE



The thermalling course is an introduction to thermal flying with the objective of improving the pilot’s knowledge and skills needed to make the most of the lift on any given day.

Circling thermals to the core, breaking the roof will soon not have any secret for you ! From one day to several, you may fly from different spots depending on the opportunities and weather conditions.

A fundamental skill in learning to fly a Paraglide… MORE

Cross Country

A highly experience flying from one valley to another valley using thermal clouds and birds to Guide us , we take you as memorable journey from north face of Pokhara towards the big mountain or south face of Pokhara across the few lake with in a 40-60 minute.

A fundamental skill in learning to fly a Paraglide is ground handling or 'kiting' the glider. You'll learn all of the basics while remaining on the ground. Lots of practice responding to… MORE

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